Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why did Trump win? Ask the Cheese Doctor!

The Cheese Doctor: Rapaille
One of my favourite marketing gurus has some views on what lies beneath the appeal that Trump has for so many Americans, as this journalist wrote some time ago:

Don't ask me. I have no idea how an average, everyday politician could steal Trump's thunder. So I called a guy I like to talk to now and then about American culture.

That's G. Clotaire Rapaille. The French-born Rapaille moved to the U.S. and became a student of our culture in the Tocquevillean tradition. His specialty is "archetype discovery," a process of determining people's most primitive drives. He markets his research and services to the auto industry, among others, and I've always found his insights into the American mind to be quite compelling.

I called him because I figured he might have an angle on how Trump is defying all the experts who predicted his many outrageous statements would doom his candidacy.

It's not hard to figure out why Americans are enthralled with Trump, Rapaille told me.

"A lot of Americans are fed up with political correctness, the idea that you're not supposed to do that and not supposed to say that," he said. "This is the attraction Trump has. He goes by his own rules. This is what is so appealing to Americans."

The typical politician believes that if he takes the right stand on the issues then the voters will reward him with victory. But Americans are so fed up with politicians that

"There is no way any politician can convince the American public he is going to do what he says," said Rapaille.

So when a politician like New Jersey's own Chris Christie promises to "tell it like it is," voters know they're being bamboozled. It doesn't matter what a politician says.

"What is key in American politics today is not content. It's not program. It's attitude," he said. "Trump has an attitude that resonates with the need for freedom, for free thinking. The others follow the road. He says, 'I make my own road.'"
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