Monday, December 05, 2016

Brexit surprise ahead for Trudeau Liberals if they break electoral reform promise

The Trap of Broken Promises

We’ve seen in the UK, USA and now Italy, just how out of touch ruling elites are with the discontent bubbling below the surface of their citizens.

And now Canada’s newly minted Prime Minister is apparently starting to substitute his election victory for the deeply-held desire by many citizens for significant electoral reform, before the next election.

Here’s one example of a pollster who is out of touch with the distemper of the times:

There are doubts the government will keep its election campaign promise to replace the first-past-the-post electoral system by 2019, but pollsters say one broken promise on electoral reform alone would unlikely sink the Liberal ship, however, more than one could be trouble down the road.

“If you’re looking at this through the political cost of inaction of breaking this promise, it’s probably one of the few that the government won’t feel too much pain over,” said David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data, in an interview with The Hill Times.

“This is not a government-killing promise, by itself,” he said, as it’s an outspoken, but “small minority” who think major changes are needed.

The issue of electoral reform is one that’s “very difficult to get Canadians excited” and “passionate” about, he said.

Anyone who believes this nonsense should join the lineups that want to find out why Cameron lost his job, Clinton never had a chance, and why Italy is seeking a new leader right now.

People want promises kept, not excuses made.

The Liberal Party promised meaningful electoral reform, to make every vote count, and the end to the first past the post system before the next election. And Canadians will hold them to that promise.

Just wait and see.

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