Sunday, December 18, 2016

Conrad Who? on why Trump is a genius

Here's that voice from the past on Trump's perception by Canadian commentators, and on his ability to change the contours of politics in American within six months:

What mad national egotism, propelled by “arm-flapping moralism” (in the words of half-Canadian U.S. secretary of State Dean Acheson 60 years ago) propels Lawrence Martin to imagine that Canada has any standing to do anything but answer the phone if the White House calls. The Harper government, as it talked tough, allowed our armed forces to wither almost to the proportions of Slovenia or Costa Rica.

Fortunately, Trump is not at all xenophobic, fascistic, racist or sexist.

He is also not an advocate of “corporate-military-statism” any more than Harry Truman sought a government of haberdashers or Jimmy Carter one of peanut farmers.

Trump saw that the U.S. system had become an anthill of corruption and hypocrisy and called it that.

He promised to drain the swamp, and will do it; it will be a changed America in six months, and doubtless Lawrence Martin will ascribe it to Donald and Melania listening to the CBC each night in the White House.

In this analysis, it is not the president-elect who has been sleepwalking through Fantasyland; he saw the American crisis plainly and launched one of history’s great democratic political movements to deal with it. The pure snowmen of the North plod cheerily on in Santa Lawrence Martin’s workshop, like happy elves incanting “High ho, high ho, there’s nothing about the U.S. we don’t know.” But there is.

So, there we have it: in 6 months time (by, say, June 30, 2017), Trump will have cleansed Washington politics and forced the political establishment closer to a more democratic state.

Would that this be so!

Lord knows the Americans deserve to have a clean, honest, democracy, where every vote counts and every vote is counted; where money does not rule; where incumbents don't have a better than 80% chance of re-election; where partisan kneejerking is interpreted as loyalty; and where ordinary  voters are front and centre, for a change.

And if it takes a Trumpian presidency to give Americans back their democracy, good for him! And them!

Now lets carry out meaningful electoral reform in Canada, and make very vote count here, too!

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