Saturday, December 03, 2016

PM Trudeau summed up by Chantal Hebert on electoral reform

Here’s the devastating article she wrote on how the Liberals, lead by Justin Trudeau, have mismanaged the election commitment to electoral reform:

As for the Liberals, they have managed to turn a secondary policy front into a field of ruins.

With the logistical clock ticking on moving to a different voting system in time for 2019, the government waited eight months to set up a process to follow up on the prime minister’s election promise.

It never articulated a set of principles that might guide its management of the file.

The Liberals went into the debate with a known preference for a ranked ballot but could not be bothered or could not find a critical mass of intervenors to advance that option.

The Liberal committee members ended up rejecting the time frame set by their own leader to achieve a reform as unrealistic and the notion of a more proportional system as too radical.

In all the years that I’ve covered Parliament, I’d never heard a cabinet member dismiss a major committee report as contemptuously as Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef did in the House on Thursday. (She subsequently apologized for the choice of words, but not the substance of her arguments.)

At the end of this week, it is not just Justin Trudeau’s word on electoral reform that can be construed as not having been given in good faith but also his commitment to run a government that has a minimum of consideration for the work of parliamentarians — including those who toil on its backbench.

Well said, Chantal!
PM Trudeau has promises to keep. Important promises. I cannot visualize Trudeau senior screwing up his Charter of Rights & Freedoms initiative in the same way that the electoral reform initiative is being mishandled.

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