Monday, December 12, 2016

Trudeau's Liberals pay a 20% price in poll of their bungling

Lack of Leadership takes a toll
The Pay for Access scandal coupled with the incredible bungling of the very important electoral reform initiative, has led to a 20% drop in Liberal Party support:

After soaring in public approval for more than a year, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tumbled last month in a new poll that reflects a prime minister and key ministers struggling to balance ambitious electoral promises and the hard realities of governing.
A new Forum Research poll conducted at the beginning of the week shows the Liberals dropped from 51 per cent a month ago to 42 per cent nationally.
Much of the erosion for the federal Liberals appears to have come in B.C. and Ontario, where the Liberals and the Conservatives find themselves nearly tied for support.

Unless Trudeau shows some discipline and whips these two serious problems, we can expect further erosion in Liberal Party support.


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