Saturday, January 07, 2017

Canada’s Trudeau about to make a colossal mistake re Trump Inauguration

False compass?

Trudeau and his advisors have decided to snub the most powerful nation in the world by staying away from the inauguration of its next president on January 20.

Despite the fact that Americans voted in a free vote for their next president, and Donald Trump won the presidency in accordance with the rules of American democracy, Justin Trudeau has decided that it is more important for Canada’s future that he trot around Canada to “talk to the people.”

We live next to the economic colossus of the world, and one of the most democratic states as well, but our prime minister has decided that talking to Canadians about the next budget is more important than paying the Americans the respect due to them and to their democracy, but attending the January 20th swearing in of the next president.

What on earth is motivating Trudeau and his advisors to publicly snub a president of the USA?

It is hard to imagine that the same decision would have been made if it was someone like Obama being sworn in. So, is Canada’s diplomacy regarding our neighbour to be decided by the personal preferences of our prime minister?

It’s time for the adults in the PMO to take a moment to reflect on the consequences of deliberately snubbing our powerful neighbour.

Let’s rather show the Americans the respect that their democracy deserves. The choosing of an American president is the business of Americans, not of other nations. We should respect their choice, and the office of the presidency.

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