Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Is a People’s Reform Referendum the way to electoral reform for Canadians?

Here’s one interesting take on the electoral reform debacle of Justin Trudeau’s government:

But Justin Trudeau had several unwitting accomplices in the crime — the federal New Democrats and Green Party and Fair Vote Canada, the advocacy group demanding electoral reform. They all inadvertently helped kill it.

How? By steadfastly refusing to demand a national referendum to let voters make the extremely important decision on what kind of electoral system Canada would use to choose those who govern.
Polling in May 2016 showed that 73 per cent per cent of voters wanted a referendum before any changes were made.

But the NDP, Greens and Fair Vote Canada were oblivious to voters’ concerns until it was too late.

This raises an interesting issue: should Canadians let a small click of gutless politicians decide their political future? Or should Canadians introduce their own Arab Spring / Movement / Populist Uprising (choose your poison) and launch their very own referendum to choose amongst 2 or 3 methods of electing their MPs?

The People’s Reform Referendum could be launched by organizations such as Fair Vote Canada, working with the NDP and Greens and ordinary Canadians who support the other political parties, and paid for by donations from ordinary voters.

The physical part of The People’s Reform Referendum could be handled by thousands of volunteers across the country.

The 3 choices to be offered could be prepared by a People’s Reform Committee, perhaps selected from volunteers by ordinary voters, using internet voting. The choices could include the current archaic FPTP system, and then have a modified proportional representation system, with or without alternative vote, and a third system.

The winning system would be the one of the 3 choices that gets the most votes 50% plus 1 vote; and there would be no minimum number of voters who must vote.

The Reform Referendum could take place through physical paper votes, as well as voting via internet, using the latest voter registration lists.

How about it, Canadians?

Time for a peaceful revolution of our own?

Let’s Take Our Country Back!

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