Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Pope: The one man who can save Spain.

Spain’s problem can be solved by one man: the Pope.

How? Simple. The Pope invites (commands?) the two leaders of Spain and Catalonia to meet with him and his advisors, in the Vatican.

As part of the public invitation, the Pope sets out a few topics that he will raise at the meeting, and the terms that will govern the meeting(s).

Without prejudice talks:

First, the discussions will be without prejudice. What that means is that nothing said by any party at the meetings will be politically, morally or legally binding on any of the persons there. It's as if the meetings never happened.

Select a Mediator:

Second, the Pope will be asking the two leaders to agree on a method to select a mediator acceptable to both of them, who will help guide the discussions at the meetings. This will not be an arbitrator, just a mediator - one who helps people talk to each other. The mediator will not have any authority apart from helping them.


Third, the purpose of the meeting(s) will be to explore differences in interests (not just stated positions - ala the interest based negotiations set out so brilliantly in the Harvard Business School publication Getting to Yes). The aim is a possible resolution of differences between Spain's government and the Catalonian government.


Fourth, all meetings will be in camera unless all three parties agree otherwise for specific meetings.

The People must decide:

Fifth, if such a resolution is reached (which is highly likely if done this way), then any agreement will be put to the citizens of Spain for approval, and will require a majority vote (50% plus 1 vote) in favour in a referendum, to pass.

There must be such a majority of Yes votes by all those citizens who cast votes, PLUS there must be a majority of Yes votes by citizens residing in Catalonia, for the agreement to become legally, politically and morally binding. There will be no minimum number of votes needed for either referendum.

Solution is nigh:

If the Pope takes up this suggestion today, then a method to resolve this crisis will be set in motion this weekend.

The proud citizens of Spain deserve a means to resolve their differences, and the Pope is the only person of standing who can help achieve this.

The ball is in the Vatican's court.

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