Tuesday, October 09, 2018

A vote for FPTP is a vote for legalized theft

Voters in BC are being given the chance to vote for a dramatic change in the way in which their representatives in the provincial government are chosen, as this article shows:

David Eby said the referendum would be conducted by mail-in ballot, with the campaign to begin July 1 and a voting period to run from Oct. 22 to Nov. 30.

Mr. Eby told reporters if a majority voted to switch to PR on the first question, the second question would determine which system is used....

The three types of proportional representation that would be on the ballot include mixed-member proportional, which is used in a handful of countries, mostly in Europe, and two Canadian-designed systems that are not in use anywhere, known as dual-member proportional and rural-urban PR.

If voters decided to adopt a proportional representation system, a second referendum would be held after two general elections, so voters would have the opportunity to return to first-past-the-post, Mr. Eby said.

What many voters do not fully understand is that the current system of first past the post voting (FPTP) is really a legalized form of theft.

FPTP is a legalized form of theft of the value of all votes cast for candidates other than the winning one.

That theft of value results from the votes cast for all candidates other than the winning one being stripped of all value. Only the votes cast for the winning candidate (the one who gets the most votes cast of all the candidates, even if his or her votes are far less than 50% of all votes cast), are considered.

Most modern democracies have recognized this form of legalized theft, and have moved to more democratic systems of voting that give the votes of every voter equal value.

The structure of the BC mail-in referendum question clearly gives BC voters the chance to reject this legalized theft, and to retain the value of every vote cast. 

By answering first question in the referendum so as to chooses a move away from FPTP, to a switch to proportional representation, every voter will be helping every future voter in the province snatch back the value of their votes.

My hope is that a majority of voters do exactly that: stop the legalized theft of value by voting against the current immoral system and for a change.

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