Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rule of law crisis lurches onewards like a drunken sailor

With PM Justin Trudeau's hamfisted responses now equalled and even topped by the so-called Justice Committee:

• Andrew Coyne, National Post, on Twitter: Holy freaking hell. I thought the Libs would try to shut things down, but I didn’t think they’d do so quite so crudely and obviously.”
• Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star, on Twitter: “I was more optimistic about openness than Andrew, so I think I’m more stunned. What the freaking hell indeed….Did the Liberals really shut down the #JUST committee and the motion to recall Jody Wilson-Raybould? Whoa. I’m speechless.”

These two major blunders raise the question: Is there any rational, politically-astute adult in Trudeau's senior ranks right now?

The way the Liberals are mishandling this rule of law crisis beggars belief!

Let's start thinking about what the Conservatives will do when they become the government in October. Launch a public inquiry into the LavScam crisis on day one would be a good start.

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